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"The Magic of Irish Heritage"

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From: Ms. Linda Clare, Dun Boyne Senior Primary School. Dun Boyne, Co. Meath

'In all my years of teaching, at primary school level, I have not witnessed such an enthusiastic response, right across the class, as that witnessed in my room, to Anita Hendy's series of: ' The Magic of an Irish Cottage, Bog, Castle and Canal. The exremely well-read children of thrid class turly loved, The Magic Series.

Those children who have never warmed to reading, despite huge support from school and home suddenly arrived at my desk wanting to read more of Anita's books.

What I found remarkable was, that children from all reading abilities responded so warmly, so positively to these books.

It is an amazing success story and we are all looking forward to the next title, 'The Magic of an Irish Church'.'


From: Paraic Cagrey Third Class, Dun Boyne Senior Primary School, Dun Boyne, Co. Meath

'In my opnion, these series of books by Anita Hendy are much more exciting and better than J.K Rowling's series of Harry Potter. And when 'The Irish of a Magic Canal' comes out at Christmas, I am going to get it from Santa. The tories are just so magical, breathtaking 10/10 it is a brilliant series of books.'


From: Teachers of Tir Na nOige School, Blessington, Co. Kildare, Ireland

‘It was really nice to meet you Anita and very special to have you visit our school today. You connected very well with the children and gave them a fantastic, clear and magical approach to writing.

You made it sound so easy. I feel every child has gone home with a good understanding of how an Author puts their thoughts, imagination, memories and skills together to write a book. And who knows, some might be inspired now or in the future to start writing themselves.

The word from the teachers, students and children was that they enjoyed your visit and found the book very interesting.

You also left us hungry to know the ending of ‘The Magic of an Irish Cottage’ and to read ‘The Magic of an Irish Bog.’


From Sr. Miriam Gabriel, Cross & Passion Convent, Dublin.
(on The Magic of an Irish Church)

 ‘Congratulations on the publication of yet another work of art- a deep and courageous one. Your book graphically portrayed the trauma of the potato blight and subsequent famine; mass emigration; the cruelty of landlords and the hardships caused by evictions. The unselfish love of Séan and Shanessa was idyllic, born of their self-sacrifice, which sustained them through pain and hunger. Towards the end of the book the symbolism was deep and challenging, especially Sean’s suffering in erecting the cross. The art work was magnificent and I trust the book will be a great success.’