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"The Magic of Irish Heritage"

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The Magic of an Irish Bog

By Anita Hendy

The second book in ‘The Magic of…’series.

This delightful book is set in Lullymore Heritage Park in County Kildare. It is the wonderful story of two children, a boy called Brendan, and a girl called Katelynn. The little boy comes from the city, with his classmates, for a day out to the bog at Lullymore. Having dismounted from the bus along the way to go to the toilet, the little boy is left behind as he struggles to free himself from some thorny brambles.

Left alone now on the bog he goes exploring. However, in his haste he misses his footing and falls into a bog hole. Shouting with all his might, a young girl hears his cry and comes to the rescue. They spend the day together on the bog and Katelynn teaches Brendan all its secrets. Then, when night falls the sleep in a large wicker basket. Katelynn delights in telling Brendan ghost stories, and he in turn has strange dreams. In the morning, the search party is heard quite near and the children hide behind a bush. There is a very emotional farewell as Katelynn tells Brendan he must go home. And what is the magic that the two children found on the Bog? Well, you will have to read that for yourself.

Excerpt from ‘The Magic of an Irish Bog.’

‘Please tell me more of what treasures were buried on the bog.’ said Brendan curiously.

‘Well lots of Celtic jewellery were found. The pieces were made of gold and silver. Then there were weapons, like spears, bronze swords, and I saw a piece of a metal belt. Oh it was decorated with beautiful Carvings.’
‘Do people still find things on the bog today?’

‘Not as much, because they have machines to cut the turf now.’

‘You know there were no fridges years ago,’ Katelynn continued,’ the people used to bury butter in wooden boxes in the bog. It would keep sweet for a long time. But sometimes the people forgot to mark the spot where they buried the butter, and then it would be lost. But years later, it would be found again by the turf cutters. But of all the finds in the bog, it’s the bog bodies that are the most awesome.’

Brendan screwed up his face again. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to hear about them.

‘The bodies were often thought to be of people who had gone missing,’ Katelynn said, in a rather creepy voice, ‘and they used to be buried with very strange things indeed.’

‘What sort of things?’ asked Brendan curiously.

‘Things like the bones of a sheep or goat, or a dog. The bones of red deer and wooden stakes were found in one grave. But the most amazing one I know was the story about King Laoghaire. Would you like to hear that story?.

‘Well if it’s not too scary.’ said Brendan as he snuggled down deeper under the coat.’