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"The Magic of Irish Heritage"

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From children that have read Anita’s: ‘The Magic of an Irish' Series of Books.

From: Paraic Cagrey Third Class, Dun Boyne Senior Primary School, Dun Boyne, Co. Meath

'In my opnion, these series of books by Anita Hendy are much more exciting and better than J.K Rowling's series of Harry Potter. And when 'The Irish of a Magic Canal' comes out at Christmas, I am going to get it from Santa. The tories are just so magical, breathtaking 10/10 it is a brilliant series of books.'


From the school children in Ballycane Primary School in Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland:

February 2007

Dear Miss Hendy,
Your story about the Magic of an Irish Castle: I liked the story... I didn’t notice that you used to live in that castle. I only noticed when you showed us the picture of you and your dad. I would love to live in a real castle.
Love Clodagh Burke aged 8

Miss Hendy,
Thank you very much for coming in. I really liked the book. My favourite was when the Queen was exploring.
From Aoife O’ Boyle.’

Dear Miss Hendy,
I really enjoyed your book ‘The Magic of an Irish Castle’. It was very interesting book to read. It was very good but very sad when the Queen died. I thought it had a lovely ending. It must have been cool to live in a Castle, I do hope you write more books.
From Zoe Fallon aged 9.

Thank you for the book. It was very very good because I liked the pictures and the sounds of it and I really like you.
Courtney Cox aged 8.

Dear Miss Hendy,
Hi this is Deborah, I am writing to you because its about the book you wrote I really enjoyed it very much, it is really cool that you lived in a Castle, and the reason I liked it because it is just brill. I hope you write another good story again.
from Deborah Dickenson aged 8

Dear Miss Hendy,
I loved your book, ‘The Magic of an Irish Castle’. I liked it very much.... My favourite part was when Prince Uisce got up the ladder to his Dad. I didn’t know that that part was about Jesus so it was cool when you told me that.
Love Yasmin Sodeau.

Anita Hendy at Ballycane Primary School