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"The Magic of Irish Heritage"

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The Magic of an Irish Church

By Anita Hendy

The fifth book in ‘The Magic of…’series.

This mystical story begins when Séan Sullivan meets Shanessa, and instantly  falls in love. However, the Gombeen Man tells Shanessa’s stepfather, Lord Beaverbottom about the romance and Shanessa is banished to the ruins at the end of the family estate.

But, as love must be with the beloved, the couple wed months later in the forest. Then, live in a cosy cabin as life settles down happily. Until one day, the Gombeen warns of the impending famine that is heading towards Ireland.  And so, with the failure of the potatoes, Séan tragically sees his friend Kevin and his own mother and sisters leave on a ship for America.

Wanting to protect his Beloved from horror, Séan thinks up a plan.  The couple then hurry away to live deep in the Bog.  For three years they have quite an adventure. Then, realizing that nothing can ever destroy love, Séan decides to go back to live with the community again. And so, life returns in abundance. The building of a Church completes this story, which, in content and presentation, has been described by one delighted reader as, ‘a labour of love.’


Excerpt from ‘The Magic of an Irish Church .’

‘ I wish to walk through the forestry,’ Shanessa said, shyly, ‘please carry on and we will meet up when I reach the far end.’
After chatting about this they all agreed. So waving gaily to her, they went on ahead leaving a trail of dust behind. Alone now, Lady Shanessa never looked so beautiful. Dressed in a gown of white linen, so carefully spun it was as soft as silk. Two smaller pieces tied her dress to her shoulders. Around her slender waist she wore a gold belt with medallions fastened together by tiny gold links. Each medallion was decorated in a Celtic design. The belt hung low, falling between the folds of her dress and stopping at her dainty ankles. On her feet, she wore leather sandals fastened with gold buckles, the same as the medallions. A gold Celtic necklace surrounded her neck, which ended in a most beautiful face glowing with happiness. Two crafted hairpins, held hair, which no longer fell freely, in place. Her veil of magnificent Irish lace, with shamrocks woven into it, fell in light folds under a royal gold headdress. Her smooth hands and ring less fingers carried a pretty basket of flowers. Standing at the opening of the splendid tall forest Shanessa felt she was stepping into a Church. Instantly she was surrounded by a divine gentleness. As if on cue, a choir of birds chirped and sung high up in the branches. The green mossy path beneath her feet stretched onwards, a natural carpet of softness. Glancing around, she saw other smaller paths through the pews of the trees. Closing her eyes she took in a deep breath, and the exotic incense of the pines filled her nostrils.
 ‘Oh!’ She thought, ‘How wonderful is this special day.’