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"The Magic of Irish Heritage"

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The Anita Hendy Trilogy:

A Girl Called Molly

(Book 1)

Set in an innocent Ireland of the 50s-60s, the tender story of a young girl and her friends growing up. Read more... A Girl Called Molly

The Furlong Spirit

(Book 2)

Set in the 70s-80s, this book gives a great insight into country life in Ireland. The changes in farming and social issues of the time, and how they affected the characters lives. Read more... The Furlong Spirit

Father William

(Book 3)

Set in the 80s-90s this book holds back no punches. The tragedy of a double funeral, the undignified cruelty caused by a promiscuous society, and a fairytale ending.
Father William
Illustrations by Jed Cooke


Children's Books :

The Magic of an Irish Cottage

This special book tells the delightful tale of a relationship between a young girl and an old woman. Having moved from the city, Dublin, to Wexford, in the country Molly lives with her Aunt Hattie and the housekeeper Julie.
The magic of an Irish Cottage

The Magic of an Irish Bog

This delightful book is set in Lullymore Heritage Park in County Kildare. It is the wonderful story of two children, a boy called Brendan, and a girl called Katelynn. The little boy comes from the city, with his classmates, for a day out to the bog at Lullymore. Read more... The Magic of an Irish Bog

The Magic of an Irish Castle

Having been banished from the land of ‘Plenty’ by evil Vile Bazoo, King Maclore and his Queen, Leish and their servant Ide, come to live in a castle in Kildare. But tragedy strikes when their son Prince Uisce is born and the Queen dies. Read more... The Magic of an Irish Castle

The Magic of an Irish Canal

Two little friends, Maggie Murray and P.J. Murphy, grow up beside the Grand Canal at Lowtown Co. Kildare Ireland. Their idyllic childhood is full of barges going up and down the canal as their parents are the Lockkeeper and Boat Agent. Read more... The Magic of an Irish Canal

The Magic of an Irish Church

This mystical story begins when Séan Sullivan meets Shanessa, and instantly  falls in love. However, the Gombeen Man tells Shanessa’s stepfather, Lord Beaverbottom about the romance and Shanessa is banished to the ruins at the end of the family estate. The Magic of an Irish Church
Colour Illustrations by Sean Conlon